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Food & Drink

Our food is always fresh and locally sourced / regionally produced. We maintain close relationships to local providers and ensure high quality standards by being highly transparent about the origin of our products. With an entire in-house production of famous regional liquors, you will have the great opportunity to enjoy the special taste together with live music and great company!

Bergkranc Breakfast

Bergkranc Breakfast

cerials, sweet pastries
10.00 BAM
Bergkranc Breakfast

Bergkranc Breakfast

Sandwiches, fresh eggs
10.00 BAM
Bergkranc Breakfast

Bergkranc Breakfast

Homemade Bread
10.00 BAM
Home-made waffles

Home-made waffles

3.00 BAM
Nutella Pancakes

Nutella Pancakes

pancakes with nutella/ ground biscuits/ kinder chocolate or homemade jelly
6.00 BAM
Orange juice

Orange juice

3.50 BAM
  • Drinks
    • Non-alcohol drinks
    • Apple juice 3.00BAM
    • Aprikot juice 3.50BAM
    • Coca - Cola 3.00BAM
    • Coca - Cola Zero 3.00BAM
    • Orange juice 3.50BAM
    • Hot beverages
    • Cappuchino 3.00BAM
    • Espresso 2.50BAM
    • Latte Macchiato 4.00BAM
    • Milk coffee 3.00BAM
    • Mulled (hot) Wine 4.00BAM
    • Tea
    • Black tea 2.50BAM
    • Chamomile tea 2.00BAM
    • Green tea 2.50BAM
    • Mint tea 2.50BAM
    • Thyme tea 2.50BAM
    • Beers
    • Becks 0.33 l 3.50BAM
    • Heineken 0.33 l 4.00BAM
    • Jelen "Limun/Grejpfrut" 0.33 l 3.00BAM
    • Jelen "Zova" 0.33 l 3.00BAM
    • Jelen 0.25 l 3.50BAM
    • Rakia (Hard liquors)
    • Balkan Cognac 2.50BAM
    • Local apple Brandy 3.00BAM
    • Local honey Brandy 3.00BAM
    • Local pear Brandy 3.00BAM
    • Local plump Brandy 3.00BAM
    • Wines
    • Red wine "Vranac" winery Plantaže 5.00BAM
    • Red wine Tvrdoš 7.00BAM
    • Rosé winery Kovačević 7.00BAM
    • White wine Chardonnay winery Kovačević 8.00BAM
    • White wine Sauvignon Blanc winery Kovačević 8.00BAM
  • Food
    • Appetizers
      • Salads
      • Cabbage salad 7.00BAM Red and white cabbage, carrots
      • Pickled red sweet peppers 5.00BAM Traditionally pickled red sweet peppers
      • Soups
      • Bean soup 4.00BAM Traditional balkan bean soup
      • Chicken soup 5.00BAM Chicken soup
      • Creamy tomato soup 4.00BAM Tradicional creamy tomato soup
    • Dessert
    • Ice cream with wild forrest berries sauce or raspberries 4.00BAM
    • Nutella Pancakes 6.00BAM pancakes with nutella/ ground biscuits/ kinder chocolate or homemade jelly
    • Breakfast
    • Bergkranc Breakfast 10.00BAM cerials, sweet pastries
    • Bergkranc Breakfast 10.00BAM Sandwiches, fresh eggs
    • Bergkranc Breakfast 10.00BAM Homemade Bread